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Premium Sealcoating Process

Our Premium Process works best on asphalt that has never been sealed before or asphalt that has been sealed before but over all has a lot of small alligator-type cracking. Our Premium Process applies the first coat of sealer using a machine called a Power Squeegee. This machine pours the sealer on the surface of the asphalt and then three 8 ft long rubber squeegees force the material into the pores of the surface, which uses twice the amount of sealer as spraying the sealer. Then an additional coat of sealer is sprayed on the first coat, providing additional protection and durability.

Standard Process

Our Standard Process applies two sprayed coats of Brewer Cote coal tar emulsion sealer to the surface. This process is recommended for asphalt that is in good condition and has been sealed before.

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Crack Sealing

Cold Pour Crack Fill Process

Hot Pour Crack Fill Process

Pothole Repair Process


Filling with Hot-Mix



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