There’s a cost for delaying your pavement maintenance.

Any time a repair or maintenance is deferred you run the risk of transforming a simple or modest project into a far more costly and time-consuming one. That’s because (unlike wine), asphalt pavements do not get better with age.

The effects of weather, traffic and sunlight conspire to break down a pavement over time, so simply shelving a project until “later” will only increase the chance that the solution will be more involved, more expensive, and more inconvenient to your tenants and their customers.

Beware of the “Great Deal”

Obviously the less work done, the lower the cost of the project, so keep in mind that what might look like a “great deal” may in reality be a scaled-down version of the overall maintenance or repair plan you really need. It might look as if you’re saving money but if the solution is an inappropriate one, it could be a false savings.  By making the appropriate maintenance or repair, at the most cost-effective time, you will be getting the most “bang for your buck,” and that results in a substantial long-term savings for your property.

Our Pledge to You

1) We will provide a fair but competitive proposal.
2) As the owner, I will be on-site, from time-to-time throughout the project.
3) We will barricade the work zone with cones, string and flag tape.  (put picture w/cones and flag tape here)
4) We will work with you to develop a logistical strategy that will offer the least inconvenience possible to your customers, patrons or tenants.
5) We will show respect and consideration to all customers, patrons, and tenants.
6) We will dedicate our resources to your job until completion.
7) We will communicate through each step in the process:
   a) Scheduling
   b) Logistical strategy
   c) Arrival on site to begin the job
   d) Completion of each phase, i.e., first coat, second coat, striping, etc.
   e) Removal of barricades for open traffic
8) We will insure the asphalt is cleaned and primed, ready to receive two coats of a heavy silica-sand-based, latex-additive-enriched sealer.
9) We will insure straight, bright, and tape-like parking stall lines.
10) We provide a written warrantee on all services completed.