Concrete Services

At Smith & Sons we perform the following concrete services

Concrete has proven performance when the right mix is used, proven placement and finishing procedures are followed, and it’s properly maintained. 

At Smith & Sons we perform the following services:

  •   Driveways
  •   Sidewalks
  •   Curbs (Installation & Repair)
  •   Interior Concrete
  •   Decorative Concrete
  •   Parking Bumper Installation

northmont-sign“The team at Smith and Sons always leaves us with a great looking, seal coated and striped parking lot.  The are easy to work with, and when they say they will do something you can believe they will.”

Lee at Northmont Sign

Catch Basin Repair

Complete evaluation and repair of deteriorated storm inlets or manholes from height adjustment to total reconstruction.

Quality Checklist

  • Polypropylene fiber-reinforced concrete for increased strength.
  • Control joints placed strategically for controlled cracking.
  • Stone Base—crushed limestone laid and compacted to grade.
  • 4-4,500 PSI Concrete Mixture
  • Curing compound is applied at time of placement.

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