Parking Lot Striping

The finishing touch to a well sealed parking lot.

Parking Lot Striping

A parking lot is one of the first things noticed by customers, clients, and visitors entering a facility. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and is a good indication that the property owner emphasizes maintenance. A well-marked parking lot directs people safely around the parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading-zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas, such as for customers or boarding vehicles, inform pedestrians where they should walk, when to give right-of-way to traffic, and what areas to avoid. To help preserve or improve the flow of traffic on a parking lot, Smith and Sons parking lot stripers will either re-stripe or lay out new markings per customer’s blueprints or our design.

Why should I stripe my parking lot?
There are a couple reasons for striping, functional and aesthetic.  Functionally, visible lines provide a more efficient use of the parking lot.  If these lines are hard to see, drivers can inadvertently take more than one space.  As well, there are certain federal and local ADA guidelines that have to be followed for handicap designation.   Aesthetically, freshly painted and visible lines compliment the facility they’re assigned to.

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“The team at Smith and Sons always leaves us with a great looking, seal coated and striped parking lot.  They are easy to work with, and when they say they will do something you can believe they will.”

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