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Crack-sealing Warranty

We warranty against any crack-fill coming loose from the surface of the asphalt for a period of one year from the date of installation.  If the crack-fill material comes loose from the surface, we will apply new material free of charge.   Also, subsequent crack-filling of the cracks filled will be discounted.

Note:  Unfortunately no company can warranty against the reoccurrence of a crack that has been sealed with rubberized hot tar.  Reoccurring cracks cannot be avoided due to a number of reasons:  1) Ground movements;  2) insufficient base support for the asphalt;  3) and the fact that crack widths get larger and smaller relative to temperature extremes;  -20 to 130 degrees.  These temperature changes cause the asphalt on either side to expand and contract, which makes the crack wider when it’s cold and smaller when it’s hot.

Seal-coating Warranty

The sealer manufacturer warranties the product itself.  We warranty against sealer that has come loose from the surface of the asphalt for a period of one year from the date of installation.  Also, we warranty against irregular, unexpected wear of the sealer.  If the sealer comes loose from the surface or wears in a way that we as a company deem irregular, we will re-seal these areas free of charge.

Note:  Some areas will naturally wear faster than others due to greater use.  Also, wear is affected by weather, extreme temperatures, salt exposure, snow plowing, etc.  All mix designs are noted on material tickets and can be viewed at any time by the customer.

Pothole Repair Warranty

We warranty all asphalt placed in the vacancy against failure for a period of three years from the date of placement.  If within a 3-yr period the asphalt breaks up and becomes dislodged from the vacancy for any reason, we will replace that asphalt free of charge.

Note:  This warranty does not cover failure of any of the asphalt adjacent to the vacancy filled.  If the asphalt around the vacancy falls apart, and the asphalt we placed in the vacancy is subsequently dislodged due to that failure, the warranty is voided.

Line Striping Warranty

We warranty our lines against coming loose from the surface or flaking off for a period of one year from the date of installation.

Note:  This warranty can only be applied to asphalt surfaces, and that the customer has allowed the paint to dry 24 hrs before opening to traffic.  This warranty can only apply to concrete surfaces that are 2 yrs old or older, the surface has been pressure washed, and the paint has been applied in temperatures 80 degrees or hotter.  Concrete surfaces less than 2 yrs old have surfaces that have been sealed with a curing compound that eventually wears off.  Paint sprayed on those surfacesnon-porous,

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